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School Uniforms

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Students should dress in clean clothing that is appropriate for learning. Common sense, safety, and practicality should be observed. Students need to dress to allow for participation in ALL school activities, including physical education. All tops/shirts must cover the upper body including the belly-button and back- no low cut tops, half shirts, open-back dresses/shirts, and shirts with any type of logo other than the school logo. No hats or caps are allowed in any of our schools.
Details of the uniform policy are as follows:
  • Tops for boys and girls
    • White or navy blue polo type shirts, with collar, short or long sleeves
    • School t-shirts, short or long sleeves
    • White button up shirt or blouse, short or long sleeves
    • No printed shirts of any kind, except for school shirts
  • Bottoms for boys and girls
    • Navy blue or Khaki pants: no jeans
    • Navy blue or Khaki jumper
    • Navy or khaki shorts for boys and girls, no short-shorts, shorter than one inch above the outstretched tips of fingers when held at one’s side
    • No “sagging” pants

Washington Unified School District has a consistent uniform Policy for all Elementary Schools.  Visit the district Uniform Policy web page for information about where you can purchase uniforms.

Uniform waivers are available.  Inquire at the school office. 
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