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Mrs. Pile



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Michelle Pile




Math Monday 7.11, Tuesday 7.12, Wednesday-Money/Coin Review, Thursday Time Review  Friday in class test

Find the homework page here:


Spelling study words and Vocabulary words Read Allosaurus passage each night for fluency


Mrs. Piles Webpage

Kevin Bracey chants

Kevin Bracey came on Friday and spoke at an assembly.  He taught the students self esteem and kindness chants.

1. ABC

I'm Awesome

I'm Brilliant

I'm Caring

I matter


R E A C H  we reach, we reach

R E A C H  we reach for our dreams

3. Mind goes negative, mouth goes positive. All things positive (clap, pause, clap, clap)

4. I'm cool, I'm kind, got greatness on my mind

5. I know- I can- reach one everyday- if I work hard at it, make school a better place.


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Current Assignments

Spelling words-Unit 4 Lesson 3


cart sharp farm smart shark yard arm part are harden

sight words-take stop open only sound

Animal Camouflage Vocabulary

Dinosaur Fossils

  1. fossils: hardened remains of an animal or plant that lived long ago
  2. hardened: became solid
  3. scientists: people who study things in nature
  4. difficult: not easy
  5. extinct: no longer living
  6. chance: luck