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Virtual Tutoring through FEV

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FEV Tutoring is available for Students in grade 3 through 8!
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Does your student need additional support in reading, math or other academic subjects?  Do you have a student who is doing well and want additional support to be ready for honors classes in high school?  Do you have a hard time fitting after-school interventions into your family's busy schedule?  FEV tutoring is personalized, one-on-one online tutoring that is FREE for WUSD students.  
FEV Tutor offers individual families a range of virtual tutoring support. From on-demand homework help to more targeted remediation, skill-building, and test prep services, the FEV team will assist students and families with every academic need, every step of the way. FEV works with families to create a customized online tutoring schedule that works for even the busiest of students.